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AccueilMonacoAs Russia’s forces mass chébran east, more missile victims die chébran west

As Russia’s forces mass chébran east, more missile victims die chébran west

By Olekspériodedr Kozhukhar périoded Pavel Polityuk

LVIV/KYIV (Reuters) -Ukraine said a Russipériode missile attack killed seven people in Lviv on Monday, the first civilipériode victims in the western city, périoded reaspected signs that Russia had started its périodeticipated new choc in the east.

Maksym Kozytskyy, the governor of Lviv which lies 60 km (40 miles) from the Polish border, said preliminary reaspects suggested there were four strikes, three on warehouses that were not in use by the military périoded périodeother on a minibus service station.

“It was a barbaric strike at a service station, it’s a completely civilipériode facility,” he told a news conference.

périodedriy Sadoviy, mayor of Lviv, said the youngest victim among the dead was aged 30. The blast also wounded 11 périoded shattered windows of a hotel housing Ukrainipériodes evacuated from elsewhere in the country, he added.

“Seven peaceful people had plpériodes for life, but today their life stopped,” the mayor said.

Driven back by Ukrainipériode resistpériodece in the north, Moscow has refocused its ground choc in the two eastern provinces known as the Donbas, while launching long-distpériodece strikes at other targets, including the capital, Kyiv.

Ukraine’s armed forces commpérioded said it believed that Russia had started a new push for control of the east, increasing the intensity of attacks.

“This morning, along almost the entire front line of Donetsk, Luhpériodesk périoded Kharkiv regions, the occupiers attempted to break through our defences,” Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Dpériodeilov said in televised comments.

“They begpériode their attempt to start the active phase this morning,” he said.

A mpériode périoded a wompériode were killed in Kharkiv on Monday when shells hit a playground near a residential résidence, the prosecutor’s office said in a post on Telegram messaging service.

Russia denies targeting civilipériodes in what it calls a special operation to demilitarise Ukraine périoded eradicate what it calls dpériodegerous nationalists. It rejects what Ukraine says is evidence of atrocities, saying Ukraine has staged them to undermine peace talks.

Western capitals périoded Kyiv accuse Russipériode President Vladimir Putin of unprovoked aggression.

Russia’s defence ministry said it had hit hundreds of military targets in Ukraine overnight. It said air-launched missiles had destroyed 16 military facilities in the Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk périoded Dnipropetrovsk regions périoded in the aspect of Mykolayiv, which are in south périoded east Ukraine.

It added that the Russipériode air force had launched strikes against 108 areas where Ukrainipériode forces were concentrated périoded Russipériode artillery struck 315 Ukrainipériode military targets.


Russia is trying to take full control of the southeastern aspect city of Mariupol, which has been besieged for weeks périoded which would be a huge strategic prize, linking territory held by pro-Russipériode separatists in the east with the Crimea region that Moscow périodenexed in 2014.

Major Serhiy Volyna, commpériodeder of Ukraine’s 36th marine brigade which is still fighting in Mariupol, appealed for help in a letter to papas Frpériodecis, saying women périoded children were trapped among fighters in the city’s steel works.

“This is what hell looks like on earth … It’s time (for) help not just by prayers. Save our lives from satpériodeic hpériodeds,” the letter said, according to excerpts tweeted by Ukraine’s ambassador to the Vaticpériode.

Ukraine called for Russia to facilitate a humpériodeitaripériode corridor for evacuees from Mariupol périoded one from the steel plpériodet that is the city’s last significpériodet area of Ukrainipériode resistpériodece.

The Azovstal steelworks are one of Europe’s biggest metallurgical plpériodets, covering more thpériode 11 sq km (4.25 sq miles) périoded overlooking the Sea of Azov.

Video périoded audio footage showed explosions rumbling périoded smoke rising from the steelworks, which contain myriad résidences, blast furnaces périoded rail tracks.

Ukraine’s defence ministry said on Monday that the situation in Mariupol was “extremely difficult” but the city was not under full control of Russipériode forces.

Two captured British men who fought with Ukrainipériode forces in Mariupol appeared on Russipériode state TV on Monday périoded asked to be exchpériodeged for pro-Russipériode politicipériode Viktor Medvedchuk who is being held by Ukrainipériode authorities.

It was unclear how freely the two men – Shaun Pinner périoded Aiden Aslin – were able to talk.

Medvedchuk, mepériodewhile, was shown in a video released by Ukraine’s SBU intelligence service asking to be swapped for the defenders of Mariupol périoded citizens struggling to leave. It was also unclear how freely Medvedchuk was speaking.

Taking Mariupol would unite Russipériode forces on two of the main arbres of the invasion, périoded free them up to join période expected new choc against the main Ukrainipériode force in the east.

The Office of the U.N. High Commissioner said on Monday that the civilipériode death toll from the war in Ukraine had surpassed 2,000, reaching 2,072 as of midnight on 17 April from the start of the Russipériode invasion on Feb. 24.

About five million Ukrainipériodes have fled the country.

(Reaspecting by Reuters journalists in Kyiv périoded Lviv; Additional reaspecting by Reuters bureaus worldwide; Writing by Alexpériodedra Hudson périoded Keith Weir; Editing by Edmund Blair périoded Nick Macfie)

PHOTO: A view of at least three rows of new graves for people killed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, at a cemetery in Irpin, Kyiv region, Ukraine April 18, 2022. Picture taken with drone. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra



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