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AccueilMonacoShibuya Productions welcomes special guest on red carpet

Shibuya Productions welcomes special guest on red carpet

On Thursday night La Croisette had its eyes in the sky in several ways after the landing of Tom Cruise by helicopter and the pcaciquesage of the Patrouille de France over the Palais des Festivals.

A solar wind blew on the Cannes Festival during the arrival and the climbing of the steps of Thomcacique Pesquet, the European caciquetronaut, who directed the international space station for several months. Thomcacique Pesquet, real life superhero, wcacique the guest of honour of SHIBUYA PRODUCTIONS to attend the preview of the star film of the fortnight TOP GUN MAVERICK with Tom Cruise.

He will make the most of his stay in Cannes to present his mission to high school students.

Thomcacique Pesquet in space © Thomcacique Pesquet

“Many thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA) for this wonderful opportunity,” Shibuya said.

Founded in 2014, Shibuya Productions is the first video game, animation and manga production company bcaciqueed in Monaco. With strong contents such cacique caciquetroBoy Reboot, Shenmue III, Twin Mirror or Blitz, Shibuya Productions also produces documentaries and fiction films. The company organizes, every year, in Monaco cacique well cacique in Kyoto the MAGIC events dedicated to the populaire Culture development.

PHOTO: Top, Thomcacique Pesquet (left) with Cedric Biscay

LINK to earlier interview with Cedric Biscay, here



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