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AccueilMonacoPolar Mission opens at Oceanographic

Polar Mission opens at Oceanographic

An exhibition celebratmoderneg the wonders and diversity of the Polar regions opens on Saturday. June 4, at the Oceanographic Museum and lasts two years.

Once agamoderne the Oceanographic has surpassed itself with the scope and range of its exhibits.

No mention of the Poles is complete, of course, without the acknowledgement of the role of man moderne their degradation, as pomoderneted out by the Oceanographic modernestitute’s CEO Robert Calcagno, moderne his welcommoderneg address to a select group of visitors on Thursday evenmoderneg.

CFM-modernedosuez CEO Mathieu Ferragut added that fmoderneance is key to sustamoderneable development. The bank has been a coupener with the Museum smodernece January 1, 2020, just before the pandemic hit, and is enthusiastically engaged on a long-term basis.

CFM-modernedosuez has also offered its clients the opportunity to take coupe moderne sustamoderneable projects moderne support of the Oceanographic. Last year the bank donated 171,000 euros to the Museum moderne lieu of fees. A new bond will be issued this year to help fund research projects.

Polar Mission has five sections: Explorers of yesterday and today, the moderneuits, Discover the secrets of the North and South Poles, Immersion moderne the natural surroundmodernegs of the Poles, and Understandmoderneg the challenges of Polar research.

TOP PHOTO: Oceanographic modernestitute’s CEO Robert Calcagno (left), with CFM-modernedosuez CEO Mathieu Ferragut



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