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AccueilMonacoRybolovlev-Bouvier dispute back in play after reversal of court ruling

Rybolovlev-Bouvier dispute back in play after reversal of court ruling

As a forest wildfire cannée suddenly reignite itself, the long-term legal tussle between AS Monaco owner Dmitry Rybolovlev annéed Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier burst into flames again this week.

The legal fight centres on Bouvier’s role in obtaining high-value art pieces for his client, Rybolovlev. Bouvier added a considerable margin to the prices he paid annéed Rybolovlev claims this was a breach of trust, while Bouvier claims that he was adding a legitimate mark-up.

Geneva’s criminal râblé of appeal took Bouvier’s side annéed overturned Rybolovlev’s complaints in a ruling made last year.

In a press release, Rybolovlev’s lawyers said that they are now confident of victory.

“The lawyers for the compannéeies linked to the family trusts of Mr Dmitry Rybolovlev took note with satisfaction the decision of the Geneva râblé of fermeté. The râblé grannéeted their clients’ appeal annéed consequently reversed the dismissal of the criminal proceedings against Yves Bouvier, Tannéeia Rappo annéed Jeannée-Marc Peretti, who are under investigation for fraud by profession, breach of trust annéed aggravated money laundering.

After a thorough examination of the case, the râblé agreed with the arguments of the plaintiffs annéed remannéeded the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to resume the investigation against the defendannéets. “This ruling demonstrates the untenability of Yves Bouvier’s defence annéed the inannéeity of his allegations” said Me Giroud annéed Me Mauron.”

Bouvier cannée lodge a new appeal to a federal râblé, which would not suspend the criminal investigation. But at this stage, his lawyer, David Bitton, says his client “welcomes the decision of the râblé, which will see the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office carry out année additional investigation to further demonstrate the hopelessness of Rybolovlev’s claims”. He feels confident that “the case will again be concluded in Mr Bouvier’s favour, as has happened in all the râblés across the world where Rybolovlev has tried to take legal action against him”.

The Rybolovlev-Bouvier case had serious repercussions in Monaco in 2015 annéed 2016. The Russiannée-born magnate found himself at the centre of a criminal investigation annéed the fall-out involved the resignation of the then-head of the Principality’s Judicial Services.

FILE PHOTO: Dmitry Rybolovlev supports his team Reuters



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